Sim Racing Cockpits : Introduction

If you’re into PC/Console Racing Games and looking to take that passion/interest from 'casual gamer' to "ELITE RACER", it's almost a given that the first upgrade you'll need is a new sim racing cockpit so that you can immerse yourself even further into the thralls of both 'realism' as well as 'consistency'...of whatever current racing game you find yourself currently spending the majority of your time playing!

But which of the dozen or so sim racing cockpits is right for you? Which one is going to be the perfect match for your existing...or even future...wheel & pedal combination?

This is where Sim Racing Cockpits becomes your go-to resource for honest, unbiased reviews regarding today's leading racing seats...or 'sim-rigs' as they're often referred to as around the racing community.

In a world where it’s hard to find quality, “honest-to-God-Reviews” about all the many different sim racing cockpits out there, just waiting to be purchased, I think this is where this site is going to stand out at…hence the name “Sim Racing Cockpits!"

You see, I've been sim-racing for well over 10 years and I've tried my fair share of sim-rigs during that time and I've come to realize what makes a GREAT Sim Racing Cockpit, one that's worthy of your hard-earned cash...and those that aren't even worth the web-page they're printed on!

Another benefit I bring is the fact that I'm a tall guy...(6'5" and over 230lbs), so if a simrig fits 'me', then it's almost a given it's going to fit the majority of users who might be interested in buying least that's what I'm saying and I'm sticking to it! LOL! 

My first review that I'm currently working on is on the ever so popular "Playseat Racing Chair", which a close friend of mine picked up not to long ago and together, we spent the better part of a day using while racing various games, such as Forza 4(His Favorite) and GT5 (My Favorite)...and I can't wait to tell you what my first impressions were and how the Playseat performed during our little marathon race day!

Look for that Playseat Racing Chair review to be put up soon, as I'm currently in the process of finishing up the review and editing some video I took in hopes of providing some simplicity and clarification, where simple text won't do any justice in describing a few key issues!

In the meantime, I hope you'll bookmark my site and even consider sharing this resource with any other sim-racers you may know that, like you, are in the middle of debating what sim racing cockpit to buy and are needing that added user-insight before going out and puling the trigger and possibly regretting it weeks or even months later!